What do Romanians buy and how much money they spend on Valentine’s Day

4Service Group Study: See what preferences Romanians have when it comes to Valentine’s Day

  • 78% of Romanians will buy Valentine’s Day gifts
  • Only 1 in 100 Romanians are willing to spend more than 100 euros on a Valentine’s Day gift. The majority will allocate between 50-250 lei.
  • Accessories, reservations for romantic diners at the restaurant and clothing are among the favorites of Romanians for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has long been on the Romanian lovers’ calendar, although many of them are only thinking about it as an import holiday. However, couples do not miss the opportunity to celebrate their love. A study made by the marketing research company 4Service Group Romania, however, highlights the material part of Valentine’s Day.

According to research by 4Service Romania, just over a third of Romanians celebrate Valentine’s Day every year. 33% of them do not celebrate at all, and the remaining 31% of respondents only occasionally celebrate. The explanation lies in the way Romanians are referring to Valentine’s Day. Thus, 46.9% of them think it is a good opportunity to show their love and spend quality time with their partner. For 27.7% of Romanians, Valentine’s Day is just an imported US holiday. Over 19% consider that February 14th is not a special day at all, preferring the traditional equivalent, Dragobete, while 2.3% of Romanians consider it a holiday reserved only for young people.

Opinions are also divided about where to go this day. Almost 45% of respondents to the 4Service Group survey believe that a restaurant would be the best place for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. 42.5 percent prefer to remain in the privacy of the home, while 4.6 percent of Romanians are prepared to spend Valentine’s Day in a city break. Of those who spend the day of February 14th in town, 50.8% expect enjoying special atmosphere, service or specialty in restaurants and shops. For 3 Romanians out of 10 it does not matter very much if they will see special preparations or not, while 16% believe that the premises and shops will be the same as any ordinary day without any special training, special packages or Valentine’s Day promotions

Regardless of preferences, one thing is certain. Most lovers will buy gifts for the loved one. More specifically, 78% of respondents have already prepared with gifts, while 22% said they would not buy anything. The gifts are for 48% for husband or wife and 40% for loved or beloved. Curiously, some of the respondents also considered the fact that it is a name day. Thus, 6.5% of Romanians said they would take a gift to their children or parents. Although the research was anonymous, no Romanian responded that she would take a gift for her mistress too.

As far as the value of gifts is concerned, almost 30% of respondents want to be between 150-250 lei. 26.5% of them will not spend more than 50-100 lei. Instead, one in five Romanians set aside between 250 and 450 lei for the Valentine’s Day gift. 11.8% of Romanians will spend less than 50 lei and only one in 100 Romanians is willing to give between 450-900 lei on a Valentine’s Day gift to the loved one.

Romanians are based on intuition and how well they know the person next to them when it comes to choosing the gift. Specifically, 57.4% of them will prepare a surprise gift to their loved one, while 42.6% of respondents have tried to find out what their partner or partner would like to know.

Restaurant accessories and dinners are among the favorites of Romanians when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. 16% of them will buy or have already bought fashion accessories, and 15.3% have made bookings for romantic diners in restaurants. The third place is the ones who will make clothes or footwear with 13.7%. One in 10 Romanians will be presenting the jewelry of the loved one. Plush items, like bears, are also in the top of preferences, with 7.6 percent, followed by underwear by 4.6 percent. The study was conducted in January 2019 by the market research company 4Service Group Romania, on a sample of 130 respondents aged 18 to 65+, from the urban area.

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