If your company cares about providing high quality service, then you know that 96% of your customers do not leave feedback after interacting with the company. This can deprive you of a primary source of data for the analysis of service quality. You are introducing modern communication channels but 43% of consumers have said that they have been unable to resolve their problems after contacting your company.

We have developed a new quality standard in technological communications between consumers and brands. SARAFAN is an instant service for customers to be able to communicate with the director. Customers can contact a company manager director and let them know what they enjoyed/disliked about their experience with the company using their smartphone and a QR code and make suggestions for changes. This enables managers to monitor the quality of customer service across all sales departments and service points in real time and react to any problems before they worsen.


SARAFAN is a service, which bridges the gap between the customer and the management. It enables company owners to keep their finger on the pulse of customer service, monitor their staff performance and manage the business processes of outlets across all branches, regardless of region and country.

SARAFAN is a tool for managing brand reputation and controlling negative feedback on the Internet thanks to the speed of its incoming request receipt and an instant reaction from the outlet to the issue.

SARAFAN is also used as a repeated sales promotion for real clients: it gives companies the opportunity to bring back any dissatisfied customers by responding to their feedback/suggestions/complaints.

SARAFAN provides a single communication channel with consumers: the service supplements the functionality of the classic communication channels with convenient functions such as the exchange of structured and multimedia messages as well as the ability to determine the customer’s location.

SARAFAN is an ideal platform for market research and the identification of customer needs: when opening new branches, expanding the product line or entering new markets, SARAFAN enables the company’s management team to get constant customer feedback at every stage of the process.

SARAFAN provides a comprehensive system for total request flow and quality management for the entire company. Its centralized management provides the company with the  opportunity to analyze the results generated by the entire company and to identify areas of concern and eliminate the responsible unit.

SARAFAN offers individual quality standards. Its functionality of service allows users to set their own parameters to best assess customer service quality and the company’s compliance with standards, including the cleanliness out outlets, pricing policy and staff qualifications. Filters will  help determine efficiently which requests need to be addressed first.

SARAFAN is a budget optimization tool. Its service combines many best practices of traditional channels, while excluding a number of typical shortcomings (eg high costs, complicated feedback forms and low levels of personalization). The service allows you to collect reviews from both online and offline channels and cover all contact points.


In order to use SARAFAN, you do not need to implement additional software, use new resources or spend a large amount of money. It works using an ordinary browser and can be accessed from anywhere, using any device. When leaving feedback/suggestions/complaints, customers need only a smartphone to do so.

The first step is to name one person from the company’s management team who will be responsible for the control of all sales units.

The second step is to develop an individual QR code. The QR code is displayed on the information carriers of the company at the points of sale and servicing.

The third step of using SARAFAN is for every customer and visitor to be directed to the company’s page where they will see a photo of the branch manager after scanning the QR code. It is here that they can leave their desired feedback, whether it is a wish, a suggestion, a remark or a complaint. They will also have the possibility to attach a photograph as further evidence.

The fourth step is a text message sent to the manager’s phone containing the customer feedback. This is generally received within 5 seconds of submitting the feedback. Managers also receive the contact details of the customer in order to be able to get in touch with them. Filters have been added to the tool to help managers determine which requests are most urgent and should be addressed first.

The basis of SARAFAN is in the QR code, which makes it a progressive and advanced channel of communication with customers. The function of scanning QR codes is built into smartphone cameras and has been integrated into Viber, Facebook and Google and is available by default.


The cost of connection (trade outlets, brands) – 500 USD, ONE TIME PAYMENT.

Subscription fee per 1 location – USD 22 per month.

1 month trial period – free


  1. We send you a form to fill in.
  2. Within 2 days, we generate an account for all outlets.
  3. One day is needed to prepare and approve the printed form.
  4. 4-5 days to print forms (depending on who will be engaged in printing).




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