A census is the collection of information on outlets operating in a particular area, previously outlined for the study. It starts by examining legal data obtained with equipment used in the field of work as well by key technologies and ends with an analysis of the breadth of the given product range and of the turnover for key product groups. The aim of a census is to form and optimize a company’s sales policy.

The market entry of a new product is preceded by a series of searches with the aim of determining the competitive position of the brand, the form of distribution channels and any plans to promote the product. One of these searches is the census.


  • It can obtain a database of retail outlets in a given region
  • It helps build a model for the distribution of a new product to the market
  • It analyses the market saturation of a specific product or group of products
  • It obtains the desired return on the implementation of a sales plan, e.g. the “marginality” of the territory (district), the level of consumer demand, the population.
  • It takes into account the geography of the competitors’ outlets, the total “permeability” of the nearby streets, parking availability and the presence of the main streets with continuous flows of traffic.

The census is a comprehensive study that is performed in the field by a team of auditors. Key criteria of the questionnaire include: region, address, location classifier, product representation among others. By conducting a census, the client receives a comprehensive overview of all outlets where they product could be presented.


    1. Our activities span the whole of the Ukraine, including smaller towns and villages.
    2. We have 19 years of expertise in market research, including Census.
    3. We are extremely efficient, offering data submission from day one of the project launch.
    4. We ensure budget optimization.
    5. We offer a data reliability guarantee:
      • 100% photo confirmation
      • location check
      • geo-tracking (tracking the route of the executive)

The system will not allow the contractor to perform the task if they are not at a given point.

      1. Manual Validation: we manually check all the data obtained from auditors and recheck at least 10% of the work undertaken by contractors through the re-measurement of data.
      2. We operate from a single center and ensure that the data collected across all operating regions is consistent.
      3. We provide deep analytics and practical recommendations
      4. We offer benchmarks with the industry and other countries.


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