Сustomer Journey Сustomer Journey

Customer Journey Map is a product development method that is based on a detailed analysis of the audiences’ needs and behavior. It provides a visualized history of consumer interaction with a product, service, company or brand through various channels and during a certain period of time. This allows companies to objectively analyze the experience of customer interaction with the product. It also enables companies to fix and eliminate any barriers that arise and to offer recommendations for improving the product. The results are plotted on a graph, which features customer’s contact points with the product and describes customer actions, feelings and possible problems.

Designing a Customer Journey Map consists of the following steps: 

  1. Determination of TA, segmentation (optional)
  2. Identification of the stages of customer interaction
  3. Identification of primary customer interaction channels
  4. Research of customer experience
  5. Analysis of barriers and hypothesis on optimization
  6. Execution and testing of hypotheses.

After determining the main stages of the Customer Journey, you need to understand the following:

  • Actions. What does the buyer do at each stage of their journey?
  • Motivation. What motivates buyers to move on to the next stage of the journey? Why do they remain interested in the product?
  • Barriers. What prevents the consumer from moving to the next stage of the journey? Are there any structural, price, psychological barriers?
  • Perception. Description of what the customer feels, sees, hears and what they say is positive/negative and any improvements that can be made.

In order to answer these questions, we analyze a large amount of data relating to the behavior of specific consumers and collected using various methods of information collecting.

The structure of the Customer Journey Map includes the following components: 

  • Occurrence of a problem
  • Awareness of a need
  • Study of information necessary for decision making
  • Search for the best deals
  • Product purchase
  • Interaction with the product, manufacturer and supplier after the purchase
  • Re-occurrence of the problem (optional).

The Customer Journey Map will demonstrate:

  • at which points the target audience comes into contact with the product
  • how different audience segments interact with the product
  • what stages users go their way to achieve their goals and what emotions do they experience during the process
  • where they face barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals
  • how safely users move from one stage to another.

WHY CHOOSE 4Service?

  • We offer an individual approach to each client.
  • We ensure teamwork between analysts and designers.
  • We offer our customers the opportunity to use combined approaches to direct communication with the target: CATI, CAWI, included observations, focus group, in-depth interviews, expert interviews, ethnography etc.
  • We guarantee the optimization of the consumer’s path and take into account the company’s business processes
  • We detect and eliminate any barriers and/or weaknesses identified in the interaction of customers with the service/product
  • We can increase overall customer satisfaction with the service/product and ultimately increase their loyalty to the company.



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