Market Research Market Research

Market research is the systematic collection, processing and analysis of market data that enables the collector to make more informed marketing decisions.

Consumer behaviour is consistently changing on all markets. This means that it is extremely important for companies to monitor and track market dynamics and review their development strategies in order to improve their operations.

Market research is one of the most important sources of information available to companies for them to make informed strategic and tactical decisions while managing their business.

Effective market research is obtained when following these principles: consistency, complexity, objectivity, efficiency, regularity, capacity, flexibility, accuracy.

In order to conduct effective and efficient market research, we use the following specialized software:

PRADATA: Price monitoring


  • We set up standard reports and the master version. This software can be accessed on-line from any device and is offers:
  • A personal portal and dashboard
  • Availability in all languages
  • Online access of different levels
  • An unlimited amount of users
  • Online work with objectives
  • An action manager
  • NPS dashboard
  • A function for study and testing
  • The option to integrate it with other software

SURVEO: visualization, work with tablets

OKTELL (call centre): programming of any complexity level, the transfer of audio-recordings to the customer.

4SHOPPERS: a mobile app, data transfer speed.

The objective of any type of research is to provide those with decision-making power with valid, accurate and relevant data.

That is why, as research service providers active in the field of market research, we aim to adapt our services to the needs of our clients as much as possible.

The main methods of market research:

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Desk research
  • Web Social Media

Types of research:

  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Combined research
  • Desk research
  • Web Social Media

Desk Research

Desk research is the collection, study, systematization and analysis of secondary market information obtained from available sources. During desk research, the data collected from publicly accessible sources of information (periodicals, economic publications, statistical reference books, internal reports etc.) is processed in a certain way and consolidated into a report reflecting the objective market situation. The term of desk research came from the format and the very essence of the...

Qualitative researches

This type of research is used in order to reveal the most detailed information possible regarding consumer psychology, customer values, consumer behavioural trends and brand perception. It aims to collect, analyse and interpret data through the observation of actions and words....

Quantitave researches

This research collects data on a company’s target audience and the data is expressed in absolute or relative values. The research aims to reflect the actual market situation and is only truly effective when a large number of respondents have participated in the research. It is also necessary that the respondents make up a company’s target audience in terms of their social and demographic characteristics. In the framework of cooperation with us, 4Service helps companies identify their...

Web Social Media

The monitoring of opinions/moods on social media Web Social Media (WSM) is the monitoring of brands mentioned on social networks, blogs, forums, feedback sites, online media and the in-depth analysis of opinions and feelings towards given keywords and contextual content. Tasks: The study of the Internet activities of social media users Determining the causes of negativity, calculating the amount of users with negative feedback and the power of influencing on the reputation and image of the...


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