Staff loyalty evaluation Staff loyalty evaluation

The assessment of staff loyalty and their involvement

The assessment of staff loyalty is a tool that allows you to determine the degree of employee loyalty to the company as well as their involvement.

Gaging staff involvement is a way to measure just how interested employees are in the results of their work and whether their employer achieves their strategic goals.

In order to avoid losing employees, it is necessary to check the mood of employees and the team in general.

This service is useful to all companies that have 10 or more employees.

Stages of implementation:

  1. Definition of the customer’s goals and wishes
  2. Preparation of the questionnaire, which includes the following including:
  • level of employee motivation
  • employee involvement in work
  • employee loyalty to the company
  • employee satisfaction with working conditions
  • employee suggestions and wishes
  1. Approval of the questionnaire by the customer
  2. Research (anonymous/direct questioning, depending on the customer’s request)
  3. Process the results of the questionnaire and prepare the report
  4. Presentation of the results
  5. 4Service experts makes recommendation based on the results

It is recommended that employee engagement be assessed every six months.


  • It allows you to identify any factors that may affect the loyalty/satisfaction/ involvement of employees, as well as to determine the strength of their influence
  • It allows you to track the dynamics of/changes in staff satisfaction
  • It provides an effective method for the comparison of moods and work results with the help of the “Mystery shopping” and “Mystery applicant” tools.
  • It reveals the true attitude of your employees towards the goals and processes within the company for the effective management and implementation of changes.

WHY CHOOSE 4Service:

  • We are active across the whole country
  • We can carry out the assessment at any time that is convenient for the company
  • We carry out checks across the whole of our customer’s chain and compare the results to identify areas of development and weaknesses
  • It is a good opportunity to carry out research for different regions/branches of your company and receive individual reports as well as a general report on the company
  • Comparison of staff engagement with actual sales results and service quality;
  • We offer unique questionnaires and tailored to the dynamics of each of our  customers
  • We provide an individual approach and full flexibility
  • We keep our respondents’ identity anonymous
  • We have expert recommendations for each case
  • We can write up our results in Ukrainian, Russian or English
  • It is the perfect opportunity to carry out presentations and consultations at various levels within your company.

Your employees are the basis of your company’s success. Holding the assessment of loyalty and staff involvement on their own distorts the result. When the employees know that they are anonymously evaluated by the independent experts, they willingly share their deep thoughts (insights).

In order to achieve the maximum efficiency, we also carry out:

-A study of customer satisfaction/loyalty

-A study of staff satisfaction/loyalty/involvement

-Mystery Shopping




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