Customer Service Standars Elaboration Customer Service Standars Elaboration

Development and implementation of standards

Standards are requirements and recommendations used for employeesfor personnel work, which and are developed on the basis of quantitative and qualitative research individually for each group of employees.

Introduction/change of standards provides:

  1. High quality customer service at during every ccustomer visit.
  2. An iIncrease in the number of loyal customers of the chain and a reduction in , reducing tthe number of complaints caused by bad customer improper service.
  3. Growth of sales and additional sales (cross-/up-sales).
  4. A sStrengthening of the brand oin the market and an increasing awareness of the brand.
  5. A way to oObtaining unique competitive advantages and differences based on research.
  6. The oOptimization of work processes (excluding unnecessary actions by staff and, attention to actions that lead the buyer to the purchase).
  7. The m Minimization of the time spent to trainadapt new employees.
  8. An i Increase in employee motivation through the by understanding of their criteria for evaluating their work and the work of colleagues.
  9. The a Ability to combine performance with the standards and offer an individual approach to the client along with, the ability to take a quick and correct decision in a non-standard situation.

The mechanics development and implementation of standards work involves the following steps:

  1. An iInternal study conducted on of the current situation of a in the company (including a briefing with management body, studying documentation, voice acting goals) and audit-analysis. Focus group conducted with the topTOP management board of the company.
  2. External study consisting of:
  • Customer surveys
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Competitive analysis
  • Focus groups with clients
  • Focus groups with employees
  1. Writing the final reports including the. D development/modification of standards (withincluding illustrations/design, video designs)
  2. Approval of standards by approval with the cCustomer
  3. Implementation of standards/changes at sites, training (optional).

Why choose 4Service’s to choose standards development service?with 4Service:

  • Our experts have extensivea practical experience in changing and introducing the standards in major international companies.
  • We have conducted tThe standards analytics forof more than 200 companies. It is through this that we: we  know what works and what will never work and can offer . pPossibilities for the of correlation of influence power with of the certain customer actions on the client.
  • We study the best global practices world and competitive experience with the aimgoal of its integrating these methods into the company’sour clients’ work.
  • 360 ° C Method: We take into account the business opinions (eg the opinions of top managers and line staff) and as well as customers acrossclients at all points of contact.

StaffThe personnel  involvement is key to an efficientthe way to a working, established system of company service standards and effective communication with personnel.

In complex order to achieve the maximum efficiency, we also carry out:

Focus groups, polls, anonymous and open questioning of staff acrossat all stages of projectwork on the project work as well as, trainings on “Cchanges implementation”.

In order to compliment this service, the company should also have regular As supporting “vitvisits from amins”, the company should have regular checks with the help of the Mmystery shoppers and undertake, customer surveys and, competitive analysis every year-six months, and updateing their target audience once every 1.5 years.


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