Service Design extends its boundaries

All businesses face competition. Competition is not only another business that might take money away from you, it can also be another product or service that’s being developed by another company. In order to stay competitive, companies need to re-evaluate the way in which they create their services and generate solutions.

Service Design helps companies change their general mindset by placing the individuals at the heart of what they do and identifying the real needs of internal and external clients. 

With the aim of staying a solid foundation for businesses’ innovative development and customer-centric focus, 4Service Group joined the DesignThinkers Academy (DTA) in October 2019 to share best practices and expertise.

4Service Group is building a partnership with DTA in order to explore opportunities for Design Thinking services and its unique methodology in the markets in which it is active, namely: Ukraine, Russia, Belorus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan. It is also setting up centers of excellence for Service Design and delivering workshops and in-house projects as a DT certification provider.

Following 18 years of experience in CX improvement, we are continuing to improve our methodologies based on the needs and demands of our clients. We are very proud to join DTA and aim to drive change for our clients together with the best in the industry,

says Evgen Lobanov, General Manager CEET Region, 4Service.

We strongly believe that access to the DT Network and its surrounding ecosystem, which brings together different expertise from 25 different countries, makes Service Design stand out as a service in our markets and enables us, and our clients, to undergo a transformation from product-oriented and sales-driven approach to service-oriented with a human-centered mindset. We aim to continue closing the gap between organizations and people by delivering innovative ideas and solutions from the point of human perspective with Design Thinking.

We are happy to be a part of a community with a common mission, to share the same goals and to have the chance to cooperate with a creative, energetic and innovative international team. Each member comes from a similar background and together we can provide our clients the access to international expertise and tools to inspire, challenge and strengthen their ability to solve problems creatively and help organizations build a human-centric environment and mind-set,

says Alina Andreeva, Business Development Director, 4Service. 


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