Apple’s success secrets. 4 key tactics of high NPS to the Apple brand

Apple has established itself in the eyes of the client as a proponent of the innovative technologies responding promptly to the needs and desires of the audience.  Since 2007, Apple is one of the first companies to introduce the NPS system. Since then, all employees support this system, and the corporation performs daily actions that promote customer loyalty to the brand. The trust of the team and all customers of the company was obtained using

4 key tactics of NPS:

  1. Experience working with clients

Having dedicated his life to creating a unique product, Steve Jobs broadcast to the public the main idea of the Apple brand: each new product of the company should be improved taking into account the desires and needs of the customers. This is the key to grow and scaling a business!

 “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not other way around!” – Steve Jobs

Statistics of attendance at Apple stores around the world is more than 1 million people per day. It is 365 million visitors per year. Why are so many people visiting the Apple store? The secret is in the experience and service standards that every brand customer receives.

Consultation with Apple experts consists of 5 simple but effective steps:

A : Approach customers with a personalized warm welcome.

P: Probe politely to understand all the customer’s needs.

P: Present a solution for the customer to take home today.

L: Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns

E : End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.

Apple employees use the same steps with each new product, as a result, the customers leave the store delighted and are happy to share their buying experience and convenient service with the friends and colleagues.

  1. Listen to customers

Apple uses NPS to get credible customer feedback on the brand. Just after making a purchase, the company sends a survey to the client, asking them to assess the level of satisfaction and the likelihood of recommending the products to friends. The Apple NPS team uses testimonials to accurately form the reasons for encouraging customers to recommend the brand. Each employee can view the feedback received from the customers and adjust the work with this information.

Here is an example of how one of the NPS Apple polls looks like:

  1. Quickly close cycles

Following the NPS survey, Apple Store managers identify “brand critics” within 24 hours. The researches have shown that companies quickly closing the cycles and settle a customer, after receiving negative feedback, experience a 10% increase in sales. More important is the fact that at Apple, after meeting the dissatisfied customers within 24 hours, they managed to achieve a greater return on investment. Subsequently, the work with NPS, already loyal “critics of the brand”, acquired more Apple products and services than other customers. Additional sales amounted to more than 25 million US dollars in the first year of experience with NPS.

  1. Engage all employees using NPS

Apple was one of the first supporters of the idea that employees should be brand representatives, as they are the first point of contact with your company. It is important that employees are true fans of the brand, able to turn customers into referees. How did Apple achieve this?

The company sends NPS surveys to its employees every 4 months and measures their likelihood to recommend Apple as a place to work. Winning trust among the team is an important attribute of the corporate success. The ForeSee study shows how the active involvement of Apple employees led to the maximum customer satisfaction with the brand (see Image below). As a result, the customers admire the brand and they are happy to recommend Apple products and services to their friends and family.


Today, Apple continues to improve NPS to continuously measure the customer satisfaction and, as a result, the company is one of the main market leaders. Apple has achieved world-class Net Promoter Score using four key tactics – starting with the customer experience, and not with the product; carefully listening to the customer reviews; quickly closing the cycles and involving all Apple employees to the NPS.

Buying, discovering and using an Apple product is an unforgettable experience for the customers that makes them happy. The company pays a close attention to the feedback received from NPS surveys and uses it daily to manage the entire chain of stores. As a result of success, Apple has created a good return on investment and increased sales. Finally, attracting all employees through the NPS program has led to the increased trust between the team and high customer satisfaction. These four steps have become a key in shaping the global love for the Apple brand.






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