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White papers

Webinars, checklists, step-by-step instructions, research reports, tests, e-books and brochures that will support you while building a successful СX strategy. They will become the basis for the development and retention of profitable customers.

What makes your business successful?

  • The knowledge of customer needs and the tools to meet them
  • High quality and consistent positive brand experience with every purchase
  • Involved staff with the secrets of employee motivation
  • Market analysis and analysis of competitor behavior
  • Maintaining effective customer acquisition and sales costs
  • Reputation and a strong brand name

Everything you want to know about how to analyze the customer/client interaction with your product.

Thanks to the practical knowledge gained,

you can get a regular customer growth of 5%, which will cause your income to rise between  25% and 95%. 

White papers

We held a “Survey of customer expectations and consumer preferences of the Russian sportswear retail industry” in September 2018.

We held a “Survey of customer expectations and consumer preferences of the Russian sportswear retail industry” in September 2018.

From from luxury to discounts sport brands, everyone is trying to be new and unique. This means that the retail strategies can not be the samel.
Luxury brands and retailers develop innovative ways to create loyalty among their customers.
What are the new retail trends?
How can they best manage customer behaviour?
It is important to stay one step ahead of your competitors and know what your customers expect, when and for what reasons they are buying clothes from the leading sports brands. Find out who actually buys these brands and why.

Customer segmentation – Competitive analysis – Purchase desires modelling – Consumer choice motivators.




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