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Merchandising is the optimization of the trading system and is related to the preparation of goods as well as their advertising and the promotion of trading activities.

Merchandising allows you to distinguish your brand products from the large number of goods in the same category.     

Tasks of a merchandiser:

  • The display of goods in accordance with the planogram
  • The reconciliation of stock with that in the warehouse
  • The validation of prices
  • The monitoring of the implementation timing
  • The movement of goods on the shelf
  • The placement of point of sale materials

If necessary, you can get additional, useful information (such as the current prices and promotions at competitors). A photo report containing analytical data is also provided.

The merchandiser on the sales floor is responsible for the freshness of products, the relevance of prices, the correctness of price tags, the availability of promotional materials, the information about promotions and the reconciliation of any left over products. When merchandised well, products on shelves become very attractive to customers.

Who needs merchandising and why?

  • Direct manufacturers of goods

The sales assistant at the outlet may not place the goods in accordance with the planogram. If merchandising standards are violated in the sales area, the company receives less profit. It is the same with advertising materials, which the merchandiser is responsible for laying out. In carrying out the advertising campaign, the company invests money, but if the store does not implement this, the buyer will not see the promotion and will not make a purchase.

How is merchandising done?

Merchandising includes several stages and processes:

  • The prelaunch preparation: a service manager and an operations team are assigned the project. The manager draws up a manual that runs with software and is transmitted to the field operations department.
  • The merchandising team begins work at the outlet in accordance with the instructions and planogram.
  • The client gets a daily report with analytics.  

How 4Service merchandising can benefit your company

  • We operate across the whole country, including smaller towns and villages. We have supervisors and merchandisers active in every region.
  • We use innovative software that is installed on the merchandisers smartphones.
  • We have a mobile application for customers that has the ability to track all stages of the merchandising process online via the “Personal Account”;
  • We are efficient and offer speedy updates. Each day you will receive an online report in your “Personal Account”. This report details at what points the merchandising was carried out, the remaining product quantities and whether there are enough point of sale (POS) materials available. This allows the structure of the merchandiser route to change on the same day and to put replenish the products on the shelves and the  POS materials.
  • It guarantees data reliability through photo and video confirmation with reference to the geolocation. The merchandiser checks-in every time he/she enters and leaves the location. Through these check-ins, we know how much time the merchandiser spent at the outlet and how long it took them to reach the next outlet. All this information is provided in graphs, allowing you to optimize the routes in the future.


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