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Distribution Check

A distribution check is the assessment of the actual and potential saturation of the market with a specific product. It forms one of the parameters of the retail audit

A Distribution Check will tell you where your product is being sold and where it could also be sold.
Manufacturing company → Distributor → Dealer → Retailer → Customer

WHAT TASKS CAN SOLVED for businesses with a distribution check:

  • The estimation of the level of market saturation with a particular product
  • The identification of new distribution channels
  • The control of the distributors and any obligations concerning the supply of goods to retail outlets
  • The Price Distribution Check to measure the price of goods on the market
  • The analysis of market saturation with a specific product or group of products (Competitive Analysis).

The Distribution Check is a comprehensive study that is performed in a particular field by a team of auditors. Key criteria study as part of the questionnaire include: region, address, location classifier, product representation among others. Once the Distribution Check has been conducted and completed, our clients receive a census of all retail outlets where their products are on sale and where they could be sold in the future. The study allows you to check your product category as well as analyze the competitors and find out what pricing policy other distributors adhere to.


  • FMCG

WHY CHOOSE 4Service?

  • We cover the whole of Ukraine, including smaller towns and villages.
  • We have 17 years of experience in market research and
    Distribution Checks.
  • We can launch a project and start submitting data from day one.
  • We guarantee budget optimization.
  • We ensure data reliability guarantee, offering 100% photo-confirmation and GEO-tags.
  • We operate from a single centre and provide uniform data for all regions.


Together with the Distribution Check, our customers order the Price Distribution Check and Сensus. 4Service is ready to offer a full range of market research services that will help you to compete for and win your market share.



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