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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a method used to evaluate the quality of customer service given at a particular establishment or outlet. It uses specially trained people who visit the location pretending to be ordinary customers. The main principle of the mystery shopping method is seeing the business through the eyes of a potential/actual client.

Almost 85% of all companies across the world use Mystery Shopping technology to take control of their locations and improve their customer service.  

How it works:

Mystery shoppers visit the outlet posing as actual customers and interact with staff based on a pre-agreed scenario. They then complete an evaluation form. This form is based on the company’s customer service and operating standards. It includes open and closed questions and contains comments and the mystery shopper’s impressions of the establishment.

The visit is also documented using audio, photo and printed evidence.

Before submitting the results to the client company, each evaluation is thoroughly reviewed by 4Service employees.

With this service, you will receive:

  • An evaluation of the company both at company and outlet level
  • Results and on-line statistics generated by 4Service’s Shopmetrics software
  • Continuous monitoring of company employees working at all outlets
  • Additional methods for implementation to motivate employees to offer better customer service
  • Deep analytics, including conclusions and specific recommendations on how to improve the quality of customer service

Mystery Shopper benefits with 4Service

  • Our experience: We have more than 17 years’ experience, spanning more than 30 countries and undertaking thousands of projects, to prove that we have a keen eye for detail, a flexible approach to scenarios and well-honed risk prevention skills.

We use our extensive experience to serve you at all stages of the process, during its establishment, development and adaptation. We will create a special project for you, designed to solve your customer service issues, while taking into account your priorities.

  • We use a consumer model, in which a mystery shopper has been specially selected in accordance with your profile as the client. The principles of rotation (stating that each mystery shopper can conduct 2.5 visits to one company) do not the use of the same mystery shopper to carry out several visits to the same company. This provides the customer the opportunity to obtain different opinions and subjective assessments for better and more analytical conclusions.
  • The training of mystery shoppers: Mystery shoppers are required to undertake three or more stages of training.  The portfolio of the previous projects undertaken by the mystery shopper, along with the quality assessment of their evaluations, allow you to select the best mystery shoppers or different mystery shoppers for different industries and scenarios.
  • Our data delivery rates: We use mobile applications and automation in a number of our processes, which allow us to provide you with the result of the evaluations within 48 hours of them being submitted.
  • The quality of our data: We verify the quality of our data during several stages of the process, with additional work being carried out by our Quality Department. Our anti-fraud system also allows us to reduce any errors in the data by 2%. We also offer the possibility of on-line communication for each evaluation and are constantly working with the feedback received from directors to ensure that our final reports are free of any errors.
  • Our analytics: Analytics offered by 4Service include not only statistical data, but also various analysis and indexes (correlation, regression, NPS, CLS, Emotional index, Personal Approach Index, etc.), practical recommendations and personal presentation.
  • 4Service is a member of MSPA Europe, an international professional association of Mystery Shopping services providers in Europe. This membership means that the projects meet the quality standards and ethical principles of MSPA Europe. 4Service Holdings GmbH has held elite membership within MSPA Europe since 2016

Mystery shopping is recommended as one of the tools used as part of an integrated program to assess customer service quality: real customers’ surveys, Social Media, Sarafan.

The combination of different evaluation methods ensures that assessments are objective and no important customer service components are missed.



of Ukrainians buy jewelry once a year



of respondents are annoyed by Viber/WhatsApp messaging



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of Europeans are satisfied with the speed of service they receive

Brand Health


of respondents are surpassed with the expectation of non-standard consultation in clothing stores



of customer conversations are about their experience with people

Web Social Media


increase in the quality of customer service received during public holidays

Mystery Shopping


of customers expect companies to offer customer support via social networks


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