Competitive Mystery Shopping

Competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence (or competitive mystery shopping) is the process of studying and analysing the activities of a competitor.

How it works:

A mystery shopper makes a visits to an outlet owned by your company and to neighbouring outlets of your competitors. The same mystery shopper makes all of these visits. They then make their evaluation based on the outcome of a specific scenario and the questions on a single questionnaire.

In addition to the evaluation form based on the service standards, the mystery shopper also fills out the Block of Subjective Assessment, where he/she is asked to evaluate the outlet based on a number of comparative criteria. This will illustrate whether the customer service was better or worse with competitors. They will also be requested to answer subjective questions and express their opinions broadly and openly.

What competitive intelligence offers you:

  • Information about your competitors. Market analysis, surveys and communicating with employees and customers to help to find out and create a map of your competitors
  • Deep analytics, including conclusions and specific recommendations for improving customer service quality
  • Additional motivation for employees to be better than the competitor
  • Identification of the developments of competitors which you can replicate in your own business
  • Being involved in the creation of new service standards or the redesign of the existing one to integrate the best customer experience.

Why choose competitive analysis by 4Service:

  • Our experience: We use only the most important evaluation criteria to base our content analysis of customer comments.
  • Our specialists: 4Service consultants offer recommendations of the modernization of standards and processes based on data obtained.
  • We use the consumer model, where the mystery shopper is selected in accordance with the customer’s actual profile.
  • Analytics: The analytics include not only statistical data, but also analysis and indexes (correlation, regression, NPS, CLS, Emotional index, Personal Approach Index etc.), practical recommendations and personal presentation.
  • We conduct our research based on the 360 degrees principle. We verify what you know about your competitors as well as what your employees and your customers think
  • We offer an individual approach to project implementation, based on our client’s objectives
  • We evaluate companies across the country
  • We offer exploration without borders: We will analyse the competitor company across all countries it has activities
  • Prompt receipt of research results: we give results within 72 hours
  • We offer the presentation of research reports as well as support in the development and implementation of new ideas.

Tools will help make competitive analysis deeper: Customer exit surveys, CATI, WSM (feedback on the employer found on the Internet), focus groups, in-depth interviews.



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Brand Health


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Web Social Media


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Mystery Shopping


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