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Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer satisfaction index (CSI, Loyalty Index)

Customer satisfaction regarding a product/service provided by a company is an abstract concept that includes factors such as product quality, the quality of the service provided, the atmosphere of the place where the product/service was purchased and the price of the product/service along with several other related factors.  

Customer satisfaction measures the extent to which a customer’s expectations have been satisfied regarding the purchase of a product or service provided by your company.

Research into customer satisfaction is the determination of the factors, causes and motives that influence a customer’s decision on purchasing as well as the behavior of the target audience.   

A customer satisfaction survey shows how satisfied or dissatisfied a customer is with a particular aspect of service or the product in general.

The satisfaction survey is conducted among a company’s existing customers and users of certain products/services.

Methods of collecting information include: CATI (telephone surveys), CAPI (answering questions presented on a tablet) and face to face.


– They can identify any hidden factors that may affect the customer satisfaction;

– They determine the reasons behind any rise/drop in demand for goods and services;

– They optimize a company’s business processes, adapting them for the needs of the modern consumer;

– They form an effective advertising message and position a product under the client’s request (when launching advertising campaigns and shares).


1) We have a “Live” Call Centre  

2) Our questionnaires are developed by a team of analysts especially for the individual projects of our clients.

3) We construct a mathematical model of factors which may influence customer satisfaction/customer loyalty (regression analysis). This model allows our clients to:

– take measures against reasons cited by the customer for their dissatisfaction

– uncover hidden/unknown customer trends and tendencies

– determine the extent to which each individual criteria/parameter influences the overall satisfaction of the customer.

4) We build a calculated customer satisfaction index (CSI) and compare it with declarative one.

The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is an overall assessment that consists of the quality evaluation of a product or service, the quality of servicing and the quality of the product or service offer.

5) We have the ability to study customer satisfaction as an integral part of customer loyalty.

6) We conduct research for both B2B and B2C segments.

7) Close the contour / Action Plan. 

With the help of specialized software, we create a Closed Circle. Our clients receive not only a comprehensive assessment of customer satisfaction but also an outline of the problems and suggested Action Plan to remedy any dissatisfaction among customers who were not satisfied after the interaction with the company.

CSI is a good tool to improve customer satisfaction and turn dissatisfied customers into customers who will promote your brand.



of Ukrainians buy jewelry once a year



of respondents are annoyed by Viber/WhatsApp messaging



on insurance companies’ industry



of Europeans are satisfied with the speed of service they receive

Brand Health


of respondents are surpassed with the expectation of non-standard consultation in clothing stores



of customer conversations are about their experience with people

Web Social Media


increase in the quality of customer service received during public holidays

Mystery Shopping


of customers expect companies to offer customer support via social networks



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