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Active live phone sales

Telemarketing is one of the more modern ways to sell goods or services and is carried out over the phone. The sales, which are conducted by a 4Service-approved outsourced contact center, have features that distinguish them from the others, such as:

  • Professional, live contact with potential consumers of goods/services. At the same time, our clients will receive objective information about customer experience and demand
  • Clients are able to save time and resources preparing and organizing telephone calls
  • 4Service offers the whole package:

– trained staff

– modern technologies used for outgoing campaigns (we can customize these to meet your needs)

– daily reporting designed for your needs

Active live phone sales

The goal of the active phone sales specialist is to complete the sales transaction. Qualified in the field of telemarketing, 4Service employees are professional sellers. They are able to form an interest in the product on sale and motivate a potential customer to buy it/order it.

The advantages of active sales people later handing over to the 4Service contact center are the following:

  • The professional level of preparation and implementation of solutions at all stages of the project implementation
  • The prediction and digitization of (realistic) telephone sales results as well as the number of customers reached, the amount of necessary calls made and their duration, sales, conversion and other parameters
  • Scripts can be prepared for making effective cold/warm calls and achieving the sales plan as a result
  • Telephone conversation methods and knowledge of sales techniques can be applied. This allows you to increase the efficiency of “cold calls” and make telemarketing one of the leading sales techniques.

Using 4Service’s outgoing telemarketing service, you:

  1. Save money on the maintenance and training of additional employees who are to focus on direct sales;
  2. Save money on the support and equipment of special hard- and software
  3. Get full staffing
  4. Can be sure that we guarantee unlimited project scaling at any time
  5. Get the implementation of individual settings for any product
  6. Will receive transparent reports on the results of telemarketing as a result of their preliminary digitization and formalization.

The professional level of our employees in the field of outgoing telemarketing allows 4Service to ensure that all tasks are fulfilled and the new customers gained through the calls are motivated to purchase the offered product as a result. The technical equipment at the contact center, along with the knowledge of the modern methods needed for active sales and the individual approach to the development of telephone sales scenarios for each project, enables sales to increase and customer relationships to flourish.


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Brand Health


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Web Social Media


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