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Hot Line

The organization of hot lines is a versatile and important tool used to attract new customers, increase the number of existing customers and build a customer-oriented image of your company/trademark. It is also an ideal tool for the automation of call processing during the peak hours.

The most important task of Hot Lines is to ensure that the maximum number of customer calls are processed.

4Service has all the necessary technical solutions that allow you to implement a turnkey hotline. It offers an integrated approach to help you also provide this type of service.

The hotline, organized by 4Service, is not only about providing information to customers and answering their questions by phone, but also about giving companies the opportunity to:

  • Create a virtual office
  • Support advertising campaigns
  • Organize the internal monitoring of the company and the quality of services provided

What are you getting?

  1. Well-trained, professional and dedicated operators who do not speak like robots but lead a lively, interesting dialogue.
  2. A Professional technical base with built-in technical support.
  3. The opportunity to scale the project at any time and make adjustments to the work of the operators as soon as possible.
  4. A professional managers structure to accompanying the project.
  5. The opportunity to create your own customer base, where all data relating to the customers contacting the hotline are recorded.
  6. A full statistical report containing the recordings of conversations and data transmission by API.
  7. Assistance in optimizing the cost of communication and the selection of the hotline number.

The opening of “Live Hotline” by 4Service is an ideal option to solve the following tasks:

  • Saving the data of every customer who called the hotline
  • Increasing sales by increasing the flow of the customers
  • Providing complete and comprehensive information to customers in order to solve their issues
  • Launching effective advertising campaigns
  • Being aware of the demands of your potential customers.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, we also carry out:




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