“Live” Call Centre

“Live” Call Centre

The Live call center by 4Service made up of a team of professional operators that have undergone special training and are ready to undertake a wide variety of business tasks of any complexity.

Our Live call center allows you to choose your preferred style of operator in order to maximize efficient communication with your client. The operator is able to predict tricky questions and their answers and responds well to objections.

Main directions:

  • Mystery Calling
  • In-depth interviews
  • Hot line
  • Telemarketing

  • Interactive Voice Response

When you choose to work with 4Service’s live call center you get:

  • Experience. Our call center has already carried out more than 70,000 successful calls and has a 100% implementation rate for client requests.
  • Exclusivity. We provide an individual work plan and training the operators for each individual project, providing them with a unique script for each request.
  • Live, natural communication styles with customers
  • Multitasking and versatility of operators
  • Your project schedule 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Many unique opinions
  • Transparency. Real and honest statistics on the results of your project

If you have a desire and a need to move away from standard templates and you want results, then our Live call center will definitely be useful for you!

Hot Line

The organization of hot lines is a versatile and important tool used to attract new customers, increase the number of existing customers and build a customer-oriented image of your company/trademark. It is also an ideal tool for the automation of call processing during the peak hours. The most important task of Hot Lines is to ensure that the maximum number of customer calls are processed. 4Service has all the necessary technical solutions that allow you to implement a turnkey hotline. It...


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated system that contains pre-recorded voice messages. This solution allows you to remind and report on the following: the amount of payable on the loan any overdue receivables any changes in payment details Using this service, you receive the following benefits and opportunities: The independent management of key parameters of the initial awareness campaign Online statistics available via the API service Receiving daily reports, taking into...


Active live phone sales Telemarketing is one of the more modern ways to sell goods or services and is carried out over the phone. The sales, which are conducted by a 4Service-approved outsourced contact center, have features that distinguish them from the others, such as: Professional, live contact with potential consumers of goods/services. At the same time, our clients will receive objective information about customer experience and demand Clients are able to save time and resources...


believe that SMS alerts are much more informative than a call from a company.



of customers consider messengers to be a modern tool for communication with a company


+ 15%

the profits of brands that have implemented personalization



of the respondents are more likely to choose the brand that offers a personalized approach

Brand Health


of millennials are bought from those they know.



of customers expect to be supported on social networks

Web Social Media


of the respondents prefer to buy using a smartphone, because it saves time

Mystery Shopping


of staff make the management or their HR manager aware of their mental health and any issues they may be experiencing with it.

Market Research


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