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Having worked for 19 years to improve the quality of customer service, 4Service has studied all processes that may affect the work of employees. We have also developed our own unique methods to train both managers and front-line staff.

Each of our training sessions includes an individual approach and innovative tools.

Project interaction process

At the preliminary stage, we:

  • study the company’s current situation and remove the initial request
  • conduct interviews with participants
  • conduct research on any areas which may have be identified as problematic

Trainings include:

  • Tasks to be conducted at home
  • An action plan of each participant at the end
  • General Report for the Customer, including recommendations

Post-training support:

For the following two months, the coach accompanies the participants through consultation and coaching sessions via Skype.

Our most popular topics today:

  • Sales: how to give customers a more personal approach, make their time in the outlet memorable, turn them into returning customers
  • Motivation: motivate employees to work more efficiently without raising their salary
  • Team building
  • Implementation of changes
  • Selling service
  • Work with “difficult” clients
  • Emotional burnout and its prevention
  • Emotional leadership

Why let 4Service hold your training sessions?

  • Our trainer-consultants have more than 10 years’ experience
  • We offer practical cases and the best experience. Our training sessions do not just develop skills, they are designed to get to the root of issues and work with mindset as well.
  • We offer complex solutions that show that the training sessions are part of a general consulting project to work on change.

In order to achieve the maximum efficiency, we also carry out:

Anonymous surveys to measure staff satisfaction and involvement.  

Mystery shopping / Mystery employee

Coaching sessions


“School Director” may be a part of the solution.


of Ukrainians buy jewelry once a year



of respondents are annoyed by Viber/WhatsApp messaging



on insurance companies’ industry



of Europeans are satisfied with the speed of service they receive

Brand Health


of respondents are surpassed with the expectation of non-standard consultation in clothing stores



of customer conversations are about their experience with people

Web Social Media


increase in the quality of customer service received during public holidays

Mystery Shopping


of customers expect companies to offer customer support via social networks



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