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  • How much can you earn per month?

    Payment for each visit depends on its complexity and on the specifics of the project, as well as on the time and money spent undertaking it. On average, the cost of a visit can range from 8 to 50 Euros or more. Undertaking these “visits” can become a pleasant hobby for you, allowing you to combine it with shopping trips or visiting cafes and restaurants with friends. If you are a car lover, we can offer you visits to car dealerships to test drive cars. We will also compensate your expenditure on petrol when visiting a petrol station or pay for your stay at a 5* hotel.

  • How often can I do checks in my city?

    The frequency of visits depend on the type of project and on customer requirements as well as the number of outlets/scale of projects.
    The most common rule of rotation is that the same outlet cannot be visited more than once every three months. For automotive projects this is no more than once every six months.
    In order for you to have the best chance of doing visits in your city, a prompt application to vacancies is required.

  • How do I become a mystery shopper? How can I participate in the projects?

    To take part in projects, you will need to register on our website

    After filling out the questionnaire, we will send you your username and password to your specified email address. You will need these to access your personal account.

    Once you have logged in to your personal account, you will need to complete the Mystery Shopper Training Course in order to better understand the nuances of work and your responsibilities. After the successfully completion of course, you will be able to see all the current vacancies in your area. You should select a location, submit an application, study the instructions and submit the application form.

    You will access the site via your personal account which will show you an overview of all your visits which have bene approved for payment.

  • How to conduct a successful visit?

    In order to conduct a successful visit, ensure you read the information provided in the questionnaire, as well as a questionnaire itself carefully before the visit. Be sure to read the general instructions for the visit, paying particular attention to the mandatory checklist and highlights of the visit. Make sure you get certified before the visit. If you have any questions before the visit, contact the project coordinator.

  • What should I do if the location is closed when I visit? Will I still get paid for the visit?

    In case the location you are supposed to be visiting is closed or it doesn’t appear to be located at the address suggested, take a picture of the entrance door, the facade of the building with the address (in case there is no location) and the advertising outside. Be sure to make a VIDEO RECORDING showing the adjacent territory. Attach these artifacts to the questionnaire, specify the reason for the failed visit and contact your coordinator.

  • Where should I enter my payment information?

    To enter your payment details, go to “My Account” => “My Settings” => “Edit Profile” and click on the “More” tab. Choose a payment method and enter your payment details.

  • Who should I contact for payment?

    General payment terms are indicated in your personal account on the right-hand side under “Terms of payment”. If the deadline has passed but you still have not received any payment, please contact the Mystery Shoppers Support Service.


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