CSR Policy

4Service implements its CSR initiatives through:

– the realization of its social mission (to improve the quality of human life and their interaction with companies)

We check and monitor the quality of products (“Champion of taste”, “Quality mark”), the service-oriented approach offered to customers and the observance of all legal consumer rights. We highlight the best companies for customer experience with our CX Awards (CX Awards).

We support people with disabilities. We carry out special projects that reveal the real living conditions for people living in homes that have not been properly adapted to their needs. We urge society to be more compassionate.

We reveal the bare truth about how staff really behave with customers to business executives and show them how willing their employees are to help customers or whether their customers are treated with bias based on their appearance and ability to pay.

– our attentive attitude to the needs of employees.

We create many opportunities aimed at improving the financial well-being of our staff. We have professional qualifications available across the 52 countries we operate from including even the remotest regions. Over 450,000 mystery shoppers and other research participants receive free training and have a large choice of interesting and profitable projects available to them. We participate in job fairs and offer internships for students working in the international department of the company. We provide them with their first invaluable experience in the world of work.

– adherence to the principles of sustainable development and, care for the environment.

Cleanliness is one of the mandatory operational service standards we set for our clients. Our agents carefully monitor the implementation of this standard in all areas of customer service. Our own company employees also take an active part activities such as cleanup days and tree planting.

– promotion of a healthy lifestyle

We take part in charity races, and support other sports activities such as Nordic walking, skiing and skating. We also have internal team sports.

On August 1, 2016, we launched a long-term charity project called “Help is Easy with 4Service” to raise money for the Life Line Charitable Foundation. They work to help seriously ill children. We regularly work together with our mystery shoppers to raise awareness and money for the charity and we have already raised over one billion rubles to finance the expensive operations for sick children.

We also support any charitable projects launched bf our partner clients and provide financial and informational support (link to the news)

CSR Policy

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