4Service Group

Is an international research company managing customer experience.

We implement complex projects to increase sales and develop the businesses of client-oriented companies.

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A foundation for your business for customer service growth and an increase in customer and employee loyalty.

We have grown from a family business to an international holding company and we are not planning to stop there. We already have thousands of employees working for us in various parts of the several countries we are active in. However, we still manage to retain all the features of a family company and cultivate democracy across all levels.

What do our employees appreciate from us?


One of our unwritten values is FREEDOM. We make sure we always give this to our employees. The company sets goals and provides the resources and everyone plans their own ways to achieve them.


The availability and the openness of the TOP management is a distinctive feature of our holding company. Lives from TOPs in the corporate network allow everyone to join their experience and knowledge. In addition, we give our employees the right to influence the company’s strategy.  Any idea can become a business project with you as its leader.

Home office

The offices of our company are located in the capitals of the countries of our presence. However, it is not necessary for you to live in a capital city for you to become a member of our friendly team. We want to ensure that everyone has the possibility to work for 4Service and, thanks to the Internet, you can work for us as part of our international company, regardless of where you live by working from home.

Easy career start

If you do not yet have a lot of professional  experience, but you have excellent communication skills, healthy ambitions, and are results-oriented then you will always be welcome in our friendly, international team.

Social programs

Our company willingly participates in various social initiatives of the city as well as organizing our own initiatives, which involve both staff and our customers. 

Status Clients

We have several companies in our client portfolio, including some of the most famous global brands and we are proud to help them become better.  This cooperation is mutually beneficial We view each new request from our new customers ais a challenge and an opportunity for us to develop ourselves further.  

Corporate social network

We are pleased to use new technologies in our work and communication. Our corporate network allows each employee to feel involved in the team and the common cause, as well as to share their achievements in work and life.


Growth and development

If you have the same mindset as us or if the mission of the company is in your heart and you share its values while also having a desire for development, then 4Service is the perfect place for you to begin/continue your career; from Mystery Shopper to the Country Manager.For those who have never been attracted to the top, managerial positions, but whose hearts are beating in unison with the heart of our company, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to develop your expertise in the chosen field. Our colleagues are an example of this; they have worked for 4Service for 10 years or more.

Personal growth and learning

Both the research and customer service sectors develop dynamically from year to year. Globalization, along with the development of global technology, also makes it necessary for us to continue learning and advancing. It is for this reason that our company offer seminars, trainings, strategic sessions, webinars and video tutorials as an integral part of our employees’ life with the company. Employees are also encouraged to participate at round tables and regularly discuss the experience gained by the whole team.

Deep immersion in business specifics

Regardless of their position at 4Service, each of our employees comes to us wanting to try the role of mystery shopper. This is a mutually beneficial exchange process, which allows each of us to immerse ourselves in the specifics of the business at the start and provide the business with a fresh look at the processes and the opportunity to constantly improve.


Life in 4Service



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